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13 April
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                       "The coroner will find ink in my veins and blood on my typewriter keys." ~C. Astrid Weber
About Me
My dream is to become a published author, even if it's just one book. I want to share my stories with the world. To do so is my life's ambition.

So with that aside, ciaossu! My name is Hillary and I'm a 21-yr-old female. Writing truly is my greatest passion, and while that will be a considerable bulk of what I post about, I'll try and talk about things in my daily life as well. There is more to me than just KHR fanfics I assure you.

One such example is that I want to be a DNA Forensic Specialist. I love biology and have been interested in crime shows for forever. As such, right now I'm highly interested in Criminal Minds which is more about analyzing the minds of serial killers. (It's where I get my username from) If I had a greater talent in those sorts of things then I might be inclined to go down that route, but I like science too much to do so. Right now my major is Clinical Laboratory Science. At the end of my program I'll be nationally certified as a lab technician.
I have many interests, but I'll just mention the ones that are most influential in my life. My favorite fandoms are Disney, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock BBC, Disney movie, Granada series, Ritchie films—I'm not really picky), Merlin, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! My top three colors are blue, green, and brown. I feel that soccer, swimming, and Track & Field throwing events (discus and hammer) are the greatest sports ever. My favorite animals are dolphins and black panthers. I love Italian and Asian food. My favorite Disney princess is Jasmine, but I also like Mulan, Pocohantas, and Tinkerbell. I love photography. My favorite/lucky number is 13. I love my family more than anything and feel truly happy when I'm with them.

As far as music goes, I pretty much like anything that sounds good. As you can probably tell from my profile, "Fireflies" by Owl City is one of my top favorites. I also enjoy music by Savage Garden, Enya, Josh Groban, LM.C, Cherryblossom, Asian Kung Fu Generation, and pretty much most of the KHR cast. Oh, and Weird Al Yankovic is a freakin' genius! I enjoy listening to soundtracks from major movies as well, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. Listening to simple instrumental music at times is another thing I enjoy.
Now as a note, I have another journal that's strictly for my Naruto/Harry Potter crossover fanfictions. The series is so long and it's a whole separate part of my life that I felt it deserved its own page. It's called Curses, Jutsu, and War: A Naruto/Harry Potter Triology. It contains the story, sketches, fanart, and other miscellaneous items. If you're interested in that feel free to check it out!
Other places you may find me: Fanfiction.net TONFA Deviantart Youtube

I am also a moderator of the community brot3 which basically celebrates the beautiful friendship of the Namimori Trio made up of Yamamoto, Tsuna, and Gokudera! If you are a fan of them, feel free to join!
Random Facts
~ I am narcoleptic.
~ I can't boil eggs. Two of the times I tried, I caused the eggs to explode. Yeah—eggs explode. And they smell.
~ I love the smell of cinnamon, leather, and a brand new book.
~ I have been to Costa Rica for an ecological trip. I got to help sea turtles, macaws, and plant trees.
~ I have an unhealthy obsession with posters. I would cover every inch of my walls if I could.
~ I am the oldest of six children and only one of them is a boy.
~ I am very particular about the texture of food. As such, I cannot stand bananas and Lucky Charms marshmallows.
~ I have a strong aversion to anything burnt. I can smell it a mile away and the taste makes me gag and want to throw up.
~ I'm rather paranoid. Whenever I'm driving the doors MUST be locked. Same goes for the doors in my house/apartment.
~ I drink apple juice with vinegar in it.
~ I like to walk on warm cement with my bare feet.
~ The middle finger on my right hand is bent. Blame basketball.
~ I was a nanny for five years.
~ I was born on Friday the 13th.
~ I have witnessed a volcano erupt.

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